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Sound Shapes trailer showcases DLC, new levels, vehicles, offline play and more

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Sound Shapes received DLC and free updates today that bring new levels, vehicles, offline play and more to Queasy Games' rhythmic platformer.

The $1.99 Car Pack includes two new vehicles that allow you to speed, loop, jump and flip through the 2D platformer's world. It will also contain new levels, a full Sound Pack, editor entries like loop-de-loops, speed boost, as well as Beat School lessons and trophies.

Sound Shapes' free Community Milkcrate update, which arrives through a free patch today, is made up of submissions from the Sound Shapes community. It includes six albums and 35 levels hand-picked by the developers at Queasy Games and arranged into themes. Each theme includes a new interface, liner notes and bonus features like director's commentaries. Today's update also brings offline play, which allows players to sync community-made levels and play them without an internet connection.

Check out the trailer above to see today's additions to Sound Shapes in action. For more on the Cross Buy-compatible game for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, be sure to check out Polygon's review and all of its animated GIFs.