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Karaoke for Xbox 360 update improves functionality, upgrades the 24-hour pass

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An update for the Karaoke app on Xbox 360 is available now, and features improved Smart Glass functionality, Chatpad support, stage customization and extends the 24-hour pass to 30-days.

The 24-hour pass, which cost 1600 Microsoft Points, is replaced by a 30-day pass for the same price and the new countdown will begin from when the first song is played. The 2-hour and 6-hour passes are still available.

Users now have the ability to customize the stage settings via the Stage Editor, search for songs using the Xbox 360 Chatpad and use the in-game currency "Moola" to sell, buy and upgrade in-game items.

Smart Glass improvements include 360 controller mapping, better scrolling and the ability to see the song queue, favorites and history.

Karaoke for Xbox 360 launched during the holiday season last year and it initially offered access to a library of over 8,000 songs to stream.

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