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PlanetSide 2 March Roadmap video details changes to memberships, weapons and vehicles

The latest video in PlanetSide 2's Roadmap series runs down changes that will be made in the MMO shooter's update this month, including tweaks to the Platoon Management window, vehicles and membership certification points.

According to the video above, players with memberships to PlanetSide 2 will progressively receive more certification points per day. The amount of points depends on the level of your membership, ranging from cooper (lowest) to Auraxium (highest).

The Flash vehicle also now has a secondary passenger seat on the back behind the driver. Players sitting in the passenger seat will be able to use all weapons and items other than deployables. The vehicle also has a new cloak ability that will throw up a temporarily invisibility shield while the player is in Infiltrator mode.

The Platoon Management window has been given a drag-and-drop feature for organizing squad members, and three new rocket launchers have been added for Empire players. Check out the video above for specific details on each gun.

More information on upcoming tweaks to PlanetSide 2 can be found on the game's official website.

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