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Epic Games will choose a new Epic Reaper weekly from Gears of War: Judgment's player pool

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Epic Games unveiled the Epic Reaper character featured in upcoming title Gears of War: Judgment at SXSW this past weekend, an enemy that will be controlled each week by a different hand-picked member of the Judgment player community, the developer announced.

Each week, Epic Games will choose a different player to step into the Reaper's skin based on his or her contribution to the Gears of War community.

According to a post on the Epic Games blog, the Reaper is not an easy enemy to face. The creepy creature has his own special abilities and physics — he appears to be floating — and successfully taking him down will reward players with custom weapons skins and the Reaper medal. The player who is given control of the Reaper will also receive a set of custom Gears of War: Judgment dog tags.

Staff members at Epic Games will also have access to the Epic Reaper skin and will occasionally step onto the battlefield themselves. Defeating an Epic employee will also earn players' the skin and medal.

The developer is currently accepting nominations for control of the Epic Reaper. Players who know someone perfect for the role should post their nomination and reasoning in the official Reaper nomination thread or tweet their vote using the hashtag "#GearsReaper."

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