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Bethesda teases Dishonored DLC with image showing rival assassins

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Bethesda will make an announcement regarding new Dishonored content tomorrow, and released an image today featuring the weaponry of one of the game's shadowy antagonists, Daud.

The image, posted above, shows a masked figure overlooking the game's opening scene, in which Daud's assassins murder the region's ruling Empress. The figure is holding an Assassin's Blade — one of the collectible weapons Corvo can find later in the game, at Daud's flooded hideout. Last year, Bethesda revealed that the game's second DLC pack would focus on Daud and his band of assassins.

"Daud, the leader of a group of supernatural assassins known as 'The Whalers', will be the focus of the second add-on pack, scheduled for release in early Spring 2013," Bethesda wrote. "Make your way through new Dunwall locales and discover Daud's own set of weapons, powers and gadgets in this story-driven campaign. How you play and the choices you make will impact the final outcome ... "

Last month, PS3 Trophies surfaced for a content update titled The Other Side of the Coin, the description for which mentioned a new tool called an "arc mine." The game's first DLC pack, a series of challenges titled Dunwall City Trials, launched in December.

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