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Second annual PAX East Indie Megabooth features 62 games from 50 developers

Samit Sarkar (he/him) is Polygon’s deputy managing editor. He has more than 15 years of experience covering video games, movies, television, and technology.

The organizers of the PAX Indie Megabooth are super-sizing the space for PAX East 2013, bringing 62 games from 50 developers to Boston for next weekend's convention.

It will be the second annual PAX East Indie Megabooth, which debuted last year with 20 games from 16 developers. Later in 2012, the group brought a larger Megabooth ― more than 30 games from 30 developers ― out west for PAX Prime.

"We're almost doubling every time we do this now," said Kelly Wallick, whose official title is Megabooth Overlord, to Polygon over email. "This time has been substantially more work since we've been expanding."

The PAX East Megabooth is not only physically larger this year, taking up 5,400 square feet on the PAX East show floor. It also contains a new addition, a sub-booth called the Indie Minibooth. The Minibooth will showcase "the indiest of indie games," nine titles from seven developers, on a rotating basis over the three-day convention. Wallick told us she hopes "it will become a regular addition" to the Megabooth.

"We had so many people interested in the Megabooth but not everyone has the resources to dedicate to such a large conference," said Wallick. "Since I think it's important to get developers out there showing their games and meeting other developers and fans we added a [10-foot-by-10-foot] space."

"We're almost doubling every time we do this now"

Wallick told us that the Megabooth team began working on the PAX East setup "almost immediately after PAX Prime," and added that most of the work happened in the last few months because of the increased number of studios and games involved.

"I'm pretty sure that means global domination sometime in the near future. Or something equally sinister," said Wallick.

Check out the full lineup of Megabooth and Minibooth games at the official website, and watch the sampler trailer below to see images and footage of them. PAX East 2013 runs from March 22-24 in Boston.

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