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Jay-Z meets Chrono Trigger in 2 Mello's 'Chrono Jigga' album

2 Mello, a hip-hop producer and MC from Lexington, Ky., released Chrono Jigga today, a mashup album of Chrono Trigger songs and Jay-Z lyrics available free on Bandcamp.

The album overlays Jay-Z lyrics on top of samples from Square's mid-'90s role-playing game, the soundtrack for which was written by composers Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu, the latter of whom is a longtime Final Fantasy composer.

"Look, as a gamer and MC/hip-hop producer, I had always wished there were more idols in the field of rap music who gamed, or at least talked about it a bit in their raps," 2 Mello writes on Bandcamp. "It would have helped me relate more, and certainly made me feel more comfortable in the art. There are guys like Jay who are just mega media moguls hiding their personality, and I wanted to make this to explore the alternate reality of Jay-Z announcing himself as a gamer and going crazy on some Chrono Trigger beats!"

You can listen to or download 2 Mello's ode to video games and hip-hop, Chrono Jigga, on Bandcamp free of charge. You can also pick up Chrono Trigger on iOS, Android or as a PSOne Classic on the PlayStation Store for $9.99.

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