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Majesco CEO outlines a 'risk-averse' transition to next-generation consoles

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Majesco Entertainment's strategy is a series of "risk-averse bets" it will make as the industry transitions to next-gen consoles, said CEO Jesse Sutton during a quarterly earnings call today.

Majesco is the publisher of casual titles like the Zumba Fitness and Cooking Mama series, which don't require the graphical capabilities that new consoles offer.

"We're in an interesting position now ... which is [that] the industry is going through this transition," Sutton said. "Majesco is going to try to be opportunistic, sit back a little and watch what the new platforms do, take what we'll call 'risk-averse bets' on the kinds of brands and products that we bring to those platforms — if and when we do — and look at other opportunities in other areas that can create value as well."

Sutton said that Majesco is also looking forward to the opportunities created on current-generation consoles by the release of next-gen consoles.

In response to a question about which features of the PlayStation 4 get the company "most jazzed," Sutton focused instead on how the PS4 could create opportunities for the PS3 as console manufacturers focus on more hardcore gamers for their consoles' launch lineups.

"Majesco is going to try to be opportunistic, sit back a little and watch what the new platforms do..."

"What that does is primarily allow the previous generation platforms — as we've seen with the PlayStation 2 to the PlayStation 3 — to overlap and create a market dynamic that really builds the mass-market interest in those platforms as pricing comes down and those platforms become more attractive.

"We're looking forward to taking advantage of those dynamics as well as keeping a close eye on where we can play in the new platforms."

In answer to a question about the Wii U's launch, Sutton said he's looking to Nintendo's forthcoming games to boost the sales of the console after "a slower start than most people would have liked to see."

Sutton added, "It is always the game that drives the hardware sales, and as they position their fall lineup of 2013, we think that there's a good probability that they can generate some traction and build off of their fantastic brand base that they've always had."

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