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Skyrim limited edition Dragonborn statue available for pre-order, shipping by holidays

Gaming Heads will sell a limited edition The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Dragonborn statue in either a standard or exclusive edition, the company announced.

The company is best known for its work on Valve figures, namely for Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life. The Dragonborn standard edition, a 16-inch hand-painted statue made of poly-stone, is a 1/6 replica of Skyrim's poster hero. There will be 1,000 pieces made worldwide for $299.99.

Those interested in adding a magic element to their statue should be prepared to lay down $329.99. The exclusive version includes an alternate arm with fireball in hand, though only 500 pieces will be available. The bases of both editions will be hand numbered.

The figurines are expected to ship worldwide before the holidays. Statues include a certificate of authenticity that allows buyers to purchase the same model number in future Skyrim collection releases. You can view or pre-order the statue here.