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Jason Rohrer's The Castle Doctrine available in alpha, 50 percent off final game

The Castle Doctrine, indie developer Jason Rohrer's home defense massively multiplayer online game, is available in alpha now for half off its list price.

Rohrer is best known for his work on Diamond Trust of London, Passage and Inside a Star-Filled Sky. In The Castle Doctrine, players split time between bulking up defense and burglarizing other families. Those who purchase the $8 alpha will receive an access link to download a DRM-free copy of a Windows and Mac OS build, as well as a full source code bundle. The bundle includes software for players to set up and run their own server.

Purchasing The Castle Doctrine alpha also guarantees buyers a lifetime account on the game's main server and downloads for future updates.

The Castle Doctrine was announced in October 2012 for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. During an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Rohrer revealed that all players would be anonymous and the game would feature permadeath.