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Apollo Justice is back in Ace Attorney 5, and he looks pissed

This week's Famitsu magazine includes a new preview of Ace Attorney 5 for the 3DS, latest in Capcom's lawyer-'em-up series and the first in years to feature Phoenix Wright as the hero. He's not alone, though: Apollo Justice, hero of the last non-spinoff Ace Attorney, is also set to make an appearance.

The art printed in Famitsu looks familiar enough — spiky hair, red suit — but it looks like he's matured a little bit, you can see it in his resolute, hardened expression. Not to mention the bandage covering his right eye and the off-putting blue jacket he's got draped over his shoulders, like some kind of wizened sea captain. Something's obviously happened to him since Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney went on sale five years ago.

Capcom isn't explaining what happened to Apollo yet, but they did show off a few new screenshots of Ace Attorney 5 in the preview. Most interesting among them: The revelation that, in addition to the courtroom scenes, the adventure-y detective sequences will be in fully-modeled 3D as well. In some sections, you'll be able to freely travel around the scene of the crime in a first-person view, controlling the camera any way you like. Does a room look innocent enough? Maybe it is...but bring the camera under that cable, and oh no, there's a bomb detonator down there!

That'll hopefully being a breath of fresh air to the new Ace Attorney, still on track for a 2013 3DS release in Japan.