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TERA: Rising free-to-play launch resulted in more than half a million new players (update)

Following fantasy multiplayer online game TERA: Rising's free-to-play launch, the number of players has nearly doubled, publisher Gameforge announced.

Rebirthed as TERA: Rising, Bluehole Studio's game went free-to-play on Feb. 5 to widen its potential audience. It launched with new content, including a PvP arena and dungeon. More than half a million new players registered, leading Gameforge to open six new severs shortly after launch.

According to Gameforge, Rising's most popular race is the Castanics, with Humans and High Elves shortly behind. Of the game's classes, players chose to be warriors, sorcerers or archers most frequently.

TERA: Rising is available through the game's website. The game still includes optional subscriptions for players to customize their experience.

Update: The game added 500,000 players in Europe since going free-to-play in the region.

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