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Bethesda launches online store, selling Fallout shoes, Skyrim lithographs and more

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Bethesda opens online store

The official Bethesda online store launched today and is currently selling gaming-themed apparel, art, accessories and collectibles.

The store is sparsely populated at the time of writing with only a few items in each category. Featured items include a pair of blue and yellow Fallout Vault 101 sneakers ($85), a Skyrim lithograph ($50), a Grognak t-shirt ($18), a Dishonored Mark of the Outsider pendant ($15) and a Skyrim Dragonborn statue that is available for pre-order ($300).

Buyers can also pre-order an Alduin's Wall hoodie ($58), and pick up a Vault Boy Thumbs Up hoodie ($58), a Vault Boy t-shirt ($18), a Dunwall Whiskey hoodie ($48) and a Vault-Tec woven shirt ($35).

More items can be viewed at the Bethesda store.Ladies-tee-fo-thumbsup-front





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