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PlanetSide 2 update 4 live now, introduces feedback-based changes

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PlanetSide 2's update 4 is now live and introduces several features based on player feedback, including a virtual reality training area and seating upgrade to the Flash vehicle.

Update 4 was announced March 1. The game's new virtual reality training area includes weapons, vehicles and attachments for players try out in different combat simulations. Players who use the Flash as a vehicle can now seat two players. The Flash also includes a Wraith cloaking module and S12 renegade shotgun.

Other upgrades include certification gains while not in combat and a new respawn and map screen. You can read the detailed list here.

PlanetSide 2 launched for Windows PC in 2012. Sony Online Entertainment recently released a video offering players a look at the update's vehicles and membership changes.

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