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Skullgirls fundraising drive tops $375,000, will add Big Band to roster

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Lab Zero Games' Skullgirls is on its way to adding its first male fighter, Big Band, now that the developer's Indiegogo fundraiser has crossed the $375,000 mark.

Big Band will join the already-funded Squigly as a downloadable add-on for the 2D fighter, thanks to community contributions. Lab Zero's efforts were bolstered by a $7,500 contribution today, one of two Divinity-level investment tiers. The developer's next stretch goal in its "Keep Skullgirls Growing" campaign hits at $400,000, when Big Band's personal stage and story would be added, along with a female announcer voice pack.

Lab Zero describes Big Band as part man, part machine, and musically-themed.

"Big Band's massive mechanical body is heavily armed with pneumatic weapons capable of generating powerful blasts of pressurized air," Lab Zero says. "As his name implies, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments are his forte, so expect him to produce variously-sized horns, flutes and drums for his attacks. Defensively, you can expect him to make good use of that dusty coat."

Skullgirls' artists have started work on concepting moves for Big Band, Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow tells Polygon. Following an estimated 10-week development cycle on Squigly, Lab Zero will move onto Big Band, a character that will take roughly 14-16 weeks to develop.

An additional third character will be added if the Indiegogo campaign reaches the $600,000 mark.

Lab Zero began its fundraising efforts for Skullgirls on Feb. 25, seeking $150,000. The campaign has 14 days left as of today.

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