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World of Warcraft offering free one-way, one-time character moves

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World of Warcraft is offering free one-way, one-time character moves until Thursday, March 21, according to BattleNet.

Free moves are limited to players on certain source realms who wish to move to one of three realms. For instance, players on Tichondrius can move to Blackrock; Illidan to Mannoroth; and Stormrage to Trollbane.

Blizzard advises guilds to co-ordinate as Free Moves can close down without warning if a destination realm becomes full. Entire guilds can be transferred, but guild affiliation is lost in the transfer and players must transfer their own characters.

Those who wish to move realms can't log into the game while a transfer is underway, players must ensure their character's mailbox and auctions are clear, and that the character isn't a guild leader.

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