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Shroud of the Avatar update explains how dual scale maps will provide a 'less painful' experience

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Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues will use a dual scale map system and incorporate combat scenes that are "movie scene like" in quality, according to an update on the game's Kickstarter page from technical director Chris Spears.

Dual scale maps display an entire area by default, then "zoom in" for close-up looks at characters and enemies when combat is initiated. Spears wrote that developer Portalarium wants to create better-looking "zoomed in" areas that are "more than just a space to fight in."

"Don't think of them as a simple instanced dungeon like you might find in [World of Warcraft] or a dungeon from Skyrim but instead a smaller, focused 3-30 minute experience of some sort which is not necessarily just go in here and kill stuff," he wrote. "Many scenes will involve specific story driven moments and puzzles with no combat at all."

Spears writes that by using a dual scale system, the developers will be able to change map areas more easily, adding scenes and other elements such as plague infestation or active volcanos to keep gameplay "fresh and interesting." It will also allow the developer to create a smoother gameplay experience and deliver new content more quickly if the map is already broken into chunks, which will also make rendering less taxing for players' computers.

Dual scale maps will also make Shroud of the Avatar's traveling elements "less painful" for players, allowing them to quickly travel between points without falling to aimless wandering.

"That is fun the first three times and a game exiting moment on the 23rd time," Spears wrote. "Because we're not doing our quests as 'run to this X on your radar,' there will be far more detective and foot work involved and not making that travel element a huge chore was important to not destroying the game flow."

Portalarium launched the Kickstarter campaign for Shroud of the Avatar: Forsake Virtues one week ago. The project currently has just over $870,000 of its $1 million funding goal. For a complete explanation of how dual mapping with benefit Shroud of the Avatar, check out the video above.

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