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Neo Geo arcade systems built console-sized from exotic wood up for purchase

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Analogue Interactive, manufacturer of Neo Geo consoles constructed from wood, has launched their "Black Label" hardware line made from various high-quality types of wood.

Buyers can select from more than two dozen different types of wood, both domestic and foreign. Domestic woods like cherry, hickory and mahogany cost $1299, while exotic types — purpleheart, cocobolo and zebrawood, to name a few — come with an extra surcharge up to $585, depending on the type. All units are fully functional and include the Analogue CMVS Slim and Analogue Arcade Stick and come with a power supply, composite, s-video and stereo sound cables.

According to the company's FAQ page, six ventilation slots on the bottom of the console prevent the hardware from overheating The company has tested extensively for heat buildup with positive results, writing that "heat is a non-issue." The Neo Geo consoles are compatible with the 161-1 multi-game cartridge and some other kinds of multi-carts, as well as MVS cartridges. AES games can only be run using version 3.0 or higher of the UniBos AES emulation software.

Analogue notes that they ship their consoles worldwide. Interested buyers can fill out a form for a quote at Analogue Interactive's website.

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