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Pro Evolution Soccer to use a modified version of Kojima Productions' Fox Engine

Upcoming installments of Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer franchise will use a modified version of Kojima Productions' Fox Engine, according to an article in the latest issue of Edge magazine.

Konami's PES series has lagged behind sales of Electronic Arts' FIFA series in recent years. The engine switch was result of Konami's desire to overhaul its existing engine — an upgrade of the engine it has used since PES on PlayStation 2 — but inability to do so while creating annual entries.

"We couldn't overhaul our old engine in the yearly development cycle," creative producer Kei Masuda told Edge. "The schedule was too demanding. We reflected on the difficult transition, and could see the next-gen coming. We needed to make a new engine."

The modified version of Fox Engine is designed to add new features to PES and streamline the production process across devices, including next-gen consoles, tablets and mobile devices, Masuda said.

"We needed to make a new engine."

Hideo Kojima spoke at length about the Fox Engine last September at PAX Prime, where he also debuted footage of the engine powering Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, an upcoming entry in the tactical espionage action franchise.

Kojima Productions has spent the last few years developing the cross-platform engine to add efficiency to its game development process. Part of that efficiency, Kojima said, is its ability to be applied to games beyond the Metal Gear franchise.

"You can use it to make an FPS, an adventure game like Uncharted, or something on rails," he said.

Later this month, Kojima will speak at the 2013 Game Developer's Conference, where he'll discuss Kojima Productions' development of the Fox Engine. GDC will take place from March 25-29 in San Francisco, and Polygon will be in attendance to bring you all the news.

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