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God of War: Ascension's Trial of Archimedes section to be patched to reduce difficulty

God of War: Ascension to be patched to reduce difficulty

A particular section of God of War: Ascension — the Trial of Archimedes — will be patched to bring down the difficulty level, according to a tweet from game director Todd Papy.

The level in question appears near the end of the game and requires players to fight three waves of enemies with no checkpoints and few health drops. Some players reported spending more than three hours trying to beat that one particular section due to its difficulty.

Papy posted on Twitter today that the section "will be patched very soon" to the reduce the difficulty. In another tweet he wrote that he personally tuned that level and "didn't mean for it to be so hard. We are looking into patching it."

Papy said on Twitter that he does not know when the patch will release.