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SimCity hacking threads deleted from official forums, EA asks users to 'continue dialogue' elsewhere

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Threads on the official SimCity forums discussing "hacks" of the simulation game, including discussion of a user-created mod that allowed the PC game to be played offline, have been deleted in accordance with EA's terms of service. That's according to EA Maxis senior director of worldwide communications Erik Reynolds, who explained the reasoning on Twitter and asked players to discuss such mods elsewhere.

"Due to our ToS we need to delete the thread about the hack/mod from our forums," Reynolds tweeted. "Please move it to other places and continue the dialogue."

Reynolds responded to a follower that the terms of service policy "is set by legal, but enforced by [Maxis]."

Telling SimCity fans he was "being 1000% transparent," Reynolds later added "In the past we've supported the modding community and in the future we are committed to supporting. Hacks are not mods."

A recently publicized mod of the game made it possible to play SimCity without connecting to the game's official servers, but limited certain functionality, like cross-region play and the ability to save offline. Developer Maxis recently said it had no intention of providing an offline version of the always-online game, a change it said would take significant engineering work.

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