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American McGee is weighing up interest in a new Alice game

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Veteran game designer American McGee is taking to Facebook to weigh up interest in seeing the creation of a new game in his well-known Alice series.

While EA currently own the rights to the games, McGee took to the social networking site and queried fans over whether they would support a Kickstarter campaign for the development of Alice 3 and if they would play the game in the case of McGee receiving the rights from the publisher to begin development.

McGee hopes through drumming up interest in a third title, EA will find the proposition more attractive when he meets with the publisher's executive later this month at GDC.

McGee recently went public with criticisms against EA marketing, describing his experience with the sector during the development and distribution of Alice: Madness Returns as "frustrating," adding that the title was misrepresented by the publisher.

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