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Dragon Fantasy: Book 2 PAX East trailer brings back SNES-style Mode 7 graphics

Indie studio Muteki has published a new trailer for its 16-bit JRPG throwback Dragon Fantasy: Book 2, in advance of next weekend's PAX East convention.

Dragon Fantasy: Book 2 picks up where the 2011 iOS Dragon Fantasy: Book 1 left off, with middle-aged knight Ogden on an adventure to save the land of Westeria from evil. Book 2 also introduces new characters like the ice-magic-using witch Milly, and retools some older characters to use new weapons and skills.

An homage to the JRPGs of the SNES generation, Dragon Fantasy: Book 2 resembles classic games like Chrono Trigger. As seen in the trailer, Dragon Fantasy: Book 2 brings back a graphical style reminiscent of the SNES' "Mode 7" graphics, a tilted plane that gave the impression of three-dimensional depth.

Dragon Fantasy: Book 2 is out this year for PS3 and PS Vita.

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