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Dust 514 will allow players to conquer and control planets later this year

An update scheduled to release later this year for MMOFPS Dust 514 will allow players to conquer and colonize other planets, utilizing them to amass funds for corporations and as pawns in enemy skirmishes, according to a recent update to the game's blog.

According to a post from engineer "Nullabor," developer CCP Games has redesigned and optimized the game's starmap for play using the PlayStation 3 controller. This upgraded map displays trade routes and interplanetary conflict in greater detail, as well as a new asset management interface.

Players will engage in battle with rival corporations and set up industrial zones for their own on conquered planets, each offering between five and 24 different districts. Players in low-security regions can purchase clones, the "primary wartime commodity," and seek colonizing assistance from the Genolution Corporation group. Districts can be upgraded by installing cargo hubs, production facilities and research labs. The first adds 50 percent more room for clone storage, while the last two boost clone production and travel efficiency by the same amount.

Battles will occur around these structures, and players will need to have good defense strategies to protect them. Additionally, pilots playing in Eve Online will be able to provide extra combat support while in orbit around the planet, dropping firepower from above. "Nullabor" notes that precise targeting will be key, as friendly fire is enabled across all weapons and vessels.

Dust 514 went into open beta in January, and is currently available for download via the PlayStation Network.