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The Pinball Arcade coming to PS4, Star Trek and Attack from Mars DLC tables coming this month

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FarSight Studios' The Pinball Arcade pinball simulator will be available on PlayStation 4, the developer announced today on the PlayStation Blog.

According to FarSight lead designer Bobby King, the developer will upgrade the title's lighting and shadow effects for the PS4 version, stating the developer is "very confident" they can add the features and "maintain the smooth 60 fps that you need in a pinball game." FarSight will tweak the physics and gameplay on all add-on DLC tables for release on Sony's new console as well.

The developer plans to release the Star Trek: The Next Generation table for Pinball Arcade's PlayStation 3 and Vita versions on March 19, and the Table Pack 10 on March 26. The latter includes digital versions of the Attack from Mars table by Bally/Midway and Gottlieb and Company's 1979 Genie widebody table.

FarSight Studios will be at the Texas Pinball Festival this weekend in Dallas showcasing the new stereoscopic 3D support added to Pinball Arcade's PS3 version.

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