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Max and the Magic Marker sequel Curse of Brotherhood coming to XBLA this spring

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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, the spiritual successor to 2D platformer Max and the Magic Marker, will be available through Xbox Live Arcade this spring, developer Press Play has announced.

The trailer above shows that Max and his world have been given a new 3D look for his latest adventure. The Curse of Brotherhood will take Max and his physics-defying magic marker on a quest to rescue his little brother Felix, who has been kidnapped. Players will take Max through forests, live volcanoes and various other perilous environments to save his sibling, manipulating his surroundings, solving physics-based puzzles and defeating enemies with his marker.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood will be available for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15).

Max and the Magic Marker was released in 2010 for Nintendo DS, Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Windows Phone 7 and through PlayStation Network and WiiWare. The game starred Max, a young boy in possession of a magical marker, who draws a monster that comes to life and must then prevent it from destroying the rest of his drawings.

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