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Harmoknight for 3DS coming to Europe March 28, demo March 21

Pokémon developer GameFreak's rhythm platformer Harmoknight will launch on Nintendo 3DS in Europe on March 28, with a demo dropping a week prior on March 21, Nintendo Europe announced today.

The company announced the release dates in a tweet along with a link to the Harmoknight eShop page.

In Harmoknight, players will defend the planet Melodia from hostile takeover by evil aliens, who have also captured a princess. Players will guide protagonist Tempo and his magical staff through more than 50 stages on a quest to save his world. The game also includes several musical challenges and environments featuring songs and elements from the Pokémon games.

In a recent Iwata Asks feature, GameFreak producer Junichi Masuda told Nintendo president Satoru Iwata that the company reorganized its internal structure to encourage new projects outside of the Pokémon franchise, which resulted in Harmoknight's development.

"We have structured things so that if you come up with an idea for a game, you can write a proposal for it," Masuda said. "If you can then get two other people to support it, you will be given three months to make it."

Harmoknight will be available in North America on March 28 as well. A demo is currently available through the 3DS eShop.

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