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Petroglyph Games cancels Victory Kickstarter, says publishers interested

Petroglyph Games canceled its crowdfunding campaign for the World War II action strategy game Victory yesterday, according to a post on the game's official Kickstarter blog.

The End of Nations and Panzer General series developer wrote that "multiple" publishers have expressed interest in the game, and that Kickstarter cancellation may not mean defeat.

"We've listened carefully to what the Kickstarter community has said, and it has given us many ideas of games we could do in the future," the post reads. "Additionally, multiple game publishers have expressed interest in Victory, based on your support, and we hope to still bring Victory to you with their help."

Launched earlier this month, Petroglyph sought funding for a team-based game in which players collected units and battled online in matches that would last 15-20 minutes. "If World of Tanks, StarCraft and League of Legends had a baby, it would be Victory," project lead Oksana Kubushyna wrote on the game's Kickstarter page.

At its cancellation, Petroglyph secured $29,471 in pledges of its $700,000 goal from 360 backers. Those interested in Victory's fate can find updates on the game's official website.

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