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Toy designer launches Mini 10-Doh! Kickstarter to fund figures based on NES cartridges

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Toy designer Nate Mitchell launched a Kickstarter campaign for Mini 10-Doh! Series2 yesterday to raise funds and create figures based on the design of NES cartridges, according to the project's official Kickstarter website.

10-Doh! is a character in Nate Mitchell's So Analog series, produced by his company, Squid Kids Ink. The original run corralled 12 artists who created 16 character designs. If funded, Series2 will feature 16 3.5-inch figures featuring unique designs by 14 artists. Mitchell will reveal one figure each day on the project's Kickstarter blog, with a goal of debuting them at a San Diego Comic Con booth in July.

"The artists pretty much had complete freedom to create labels that reminded them of their favorite classic games or simply cross promote their own artwork or brands," Mitchell wrote on the Series2 Kickstarter page.

A pledge of $10 will net backers a random Series2 figure at their estimated August 2013 release, while $350 gets backers the entire set plus an exclusive Kickstarter figure. As of this writing, Mitchell has secured $3,656 pledges of his $15,000 goal. You can learn more about Mitchell and his figures in the video above.

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