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Cabal Online's Rising Force expansion adds new PvP mode, dungeon and gear

The recently launched Rising Force expansion for Cabal Online, ESTsoft's free-to-play massively multiplayer online action role-playing game, adds a new player-versus-player mode, a new dungeon and gear, according to patch notes published in the game's official forms.

PvP combat now supports one-versus-one ranked matches across servers. Players can pick between standard, which are always available, and ladder battles, which will be available at specific times to be announced. The patch also adds the Tower of the Undead B3F, a time attack-based dungeon that can accept parties of up to seven players and is limited to 10 minutes but can be increased with time bonuses. Also included are new weapons, armor and a bike called the Astral Bike PW5 that players can acquire in the Tower of the Undead B3F and more.

Rising Force is the MMO's ninth episode. Cabal Online breaks down skills and fighting styles between the warrior, blader, wizard, force archer, force shielder and force blader classes.

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