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Dead Island: Riptide not coming to Wii U because the engine would need to be rewritten, producer says

Dead Island: Riptide, the upcoming open-world zombie action game from Deep Silver, isn't coming to Wii U because the developer would have to rebuild or port the engine for the console, according to an interview with creative producer Alexander Toplansky published in Digital Spy.

Toplansky said the Dead Island: Riptide team spent time refining the game's engine, a process that left little time for making it work on a new console.

"The things that are required to bring something to a new platform, you need to either really get to be integrating it deep into the engine, or you've got to [do] a port.

"Neither one of those was a satisfactory outcome for us, so we decided to do what we got platform-wise and just make sure that we can deliver the best experience we can."

The original Dead Island and its engine were released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC in 2011. Dead Island: Riptide is set for an April 23, 2013 release in North America on the same platforms. You can check out the recently announced pre-order bonus DLC here.

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