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Shroud of the Avatar developer video details online and offline modes

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In a video released today for Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues, the hybrid online/offline role-playing game currently seeking Kickstarter funding, the game's tech lead Chris Spears clarifies how the game's modes work.

According to an update published today on the game's Kickstarter blog, the developers have broken down the game's modes in four ways:

  • Single player offline: Players are offline completely, and character data is stored locally.
  • Single player online (SPO): Players connect to the server to receive content updates and see how the game world is changing, but are not visible to other players.
  • Friends play online (FPO): Players see people they've flagged as in-game friends who can also see you. It's designed "For those who prefer the quieter game with friends or maybe for those who prefer a more focused role playing experience," the blog post reads.
  • Open play online (OPO): Players will see everyone that the servers determine they should see, based on their relevance. This mode is designed "to feel like an MMO" by offering social interaction.

Check out the video above to see Spears walk you through the game's connected and disconnected scenarios. For more about the philosophy that convinced Richard Garriott to create Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues' as a multiplayer online game that can also be played solo and offline, be sure to read our recent interview with the man behind the Kickstarter project and the Ultima series.

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