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Riot ends fundraising with more than double asking amount

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Riot, an 8-bit riot simulator inspired by real-life conflicts, ended its fundraising campaign with $36,059, more than double its $15,000 asking price.

Part of the campaign's funds will help the game's developers travel to areas in Greece, Egypt and possibly Russia to experience and document live riots. The game will explore the nature of conflict by offering a view of both sides; players will be able to control a crowd of either protesters or police officers. In addition to a single-player campaign, Riot will feature "hotseat" multiplayer.

Riot reached its goal with the help of 1,942 funders. Eight people donated in the game's highest $500 tier, and the 841 majority of backers fell into the $15 tier.

Riot is being developed for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya, though a release date has not been announced. The game is also currently collecting votes on Steam Greenlight.

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