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Firefall progression system to undergo second round of changes

Massively multiplayer online game Firefall will receive another update to its progression system in order to address difficulty and limitation problems, according to a post on the game's website.

Cameron Winston, one of the game's senior designers, detailed the upcoming changes. After the patch, players will no longer have to level specific battleframes to unlock more powerful abilities. Instead, they'll have "a far more flat access to the frames." Battleframes will also now have unique progression trees and be split into three different tracts for Power, Mass and Cores.

The new progression system will also include more emphasis on crafting items, which will give players more abilities and gear. Additionally, PvP players will compete with "stock versions" of battleframes they've previously unlocked.

"Our ultimate goal with Firefall is to let you play the game however you want — so long as it's a shooter," Winston wrote. "The purpose of this retooling of the progression system is to give players like you the ability to drive your own Firefall experience within as much variance of the shooter gameplay as we can support."

Firefall's new progression system will go into effect with the March 22 patch. You can read the full update here.

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