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Ace Attorney 5 heroine will psycho-analyze her way to success

Kokone Kizuki, the latest character revealed for Ace Attorney 5, specializes in an in-game psychological analysis ability called the "Heart Scope."

Kizuki is a defense attorney and co-counsel to the game's main character, Phoenix Wright. By using Heart Scope, Kizuki can monitor witnesses' emotions and thoughts from afar via a holographic display.

But it's not always a clean reading, so players must clear the noise level to zero percent. The noise level is reduced by catching out contradictory emotions during a witness's testimony. Clearing the noise level to zero will award the player a new fact to use in the case.

Kizuki and Wright will be joined by Apollo Justice, the central character of the last Ace Attorney title, Ace Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. The new game will also feature 3D environments so players can investigate a crime scene in first-person view.

Ace Attorney 5 is slated for release in Japan this year for the Nintendo 3DS. A North American release date is yet to be announced.

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