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Persona 4 Arena coming to Europe May 10, pre-order bonus includes soundtrack and artwork

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Persona 4 Arena, the 2D fighter sequel to Persona 4, will be available to players in Europe on May 10, Atlus announced today.

Atlus also revealed pre-order bonus content available alongside the European version. Players can snag a limited edition pack including the Persona 4 Arena Official Arranged Soundtrack, exclusive artwork and a "Digital Fan Pack," which seems to be a bundle of Persona images for use on social media websites. These items will not be available for purchase after the title's launch day.

Persona 4 Arena, slated for release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, was originally scheduled to launch in Europe in August of last year shortly after its release in North America. Last week regional publisher Zen United hinted at a May release for the game, stating they had recently submitted the game's Xbox 360 build and that at this time a May release was "realistic."

According to a listing on the Persona Europe Facebook page, more news regarding Persona 4 Arena is on the way, "and that news will be good."

Last July, Atlus announced it would be region-locking the title on PS3 for all territories, stating players opting to purchase cheaper foreign versions of the title could ruin sales. Check out Polygon's review here.

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