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New Ubisoft Might and Magic site asks readers to 'meet us at PAX East'

Ubisoft is asking fans to "meet" them at PAX East for something Might and Magic related, according to a new page on an official Ubisoft website.

The page is marked with a large X (also the Roman numeral for 10) filled with various icons and photos from the series. At the bottom of the plash page is the brief message reading "Meet us at PAX East."

A tweet from the official Might and Magic account, however, makes the reveal all the more mysterious.

Might and Magic 9, released in 2002, was the last numerically marked game in the series. Other titles in the franchise include the Heroes of Might and Magic series and Nintendo DS title Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes.

PAX East takes place in Boston, Mass., from March 22 to 24. Polygon will be bringing you news live from the event.

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