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Free-to-play fantasy MMO Eldevin begins closed beta

Eldevin, a free-to-play, browser-based massively multiplayer online game from Hunted Cow Studios, is currently testing in closed beta, studio manager John Stewart announced via the game's forums.

The first wave of beta invites has already been sent out, though the team plans to add more players in the future.

Eldevin is a story-based game where player choice has an effect on gameplay. It includes quests, PvP, story-driven solo instances and 14 dungeons for group explorations. The combat system operates on a class-free system, though players can train in different professions for crafting weapons, armor and more.

The game was originally slated to enter closed beta in September 2012 and launch during Q4 of that year. Those interested in participating in the beta can apply for an invite on Eldevin's website.

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