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The Best Amendment, the 'unofficial NRA Game'

Indie game development studio Molleindustria have created The Best Amendment, an "unofficial NRA Game" demonstrating through gameplay that the NRA's stances are possibly folly.

For example, The Best Amendment quotes Wayne LaPierre, the NRA CEO: "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."

The game humorously disproves this through gameplay. Armed with a gun, the player has to collect stars and avoid being killed by an increasing number of gunmen. These gunman are mirroring the moves that player made.

The game includes "moral relativism" and "unique massively single player gameplay" all set to a Bluegrass soundtrack. It is available for Mac, Windows PC and Flash-enabled browsers.

Usually Molleindustria releases games for free; however, this release is opened to the "pay what you feel" model. Money raised will go towards the developer's involvement in the independent and activist media gathering, The Allied Media Conference

Molleindustria is involved in running a series of workshops for this year's game-centric track titled "Imagining Better Futures Through Play."