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MIND 0 is a dungeon and demon-riddled RPG for PS Vita

Japanese publisher Acquire has had a teaser site up on for a new game, one they touted as getting its first unveiling in this week's issue of Famitsu magazine. Now that the magazine is out, we've finally got the full picture: MIND 0 is a brand-new RPG franchise for the PS Vita, one that (judging by the concept art shown in Famitsu) looks and feels more than a bit like Atlus' Persona 4.

Developed by Zerodiv (best known in the West for the Class of Heroes series of dungeon RPGs), MIND 0 is set in two different worlds: the physical world you and I live in, and a sort of crazed mirror-spirit world populated by demonic, often powerful versions of ourselves. Some people, including Kei Takanashi, the hero of the game, have the ability to go between these worlds. That's a good thing, because a new drug known as MIND allows abusers to summon their counterpart demon in the real world, something that Kei and crew needs to stop lest our real world gets overrun by monsters.

Acquire isn't talking much about gameplay details yet, but MIND 0 appears to be a dungeon RPG, one with traditional turn-based battles featuring your team using their companion demons to fight against enemies. The fights are in full 3D, but the story scenes in between are in 2D, and since Kei is a high-school student, they're mostly set in and around his average school life. These events are fully voiced, with only a few exceptions.

More info will undoubtedly be coming soon for MIND 0, given that it's got a summer release date in Japan.

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