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Xbox Entertainment Awards site leaks voter information in security breach

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The website for the 2013 Xbox Entertainment Awards suffered a security breach this morning, displaying personal information on the program's voters, reports MCVUK.

According to MCV, an anonymous reader provided a link to a page displaying the names, Xbox Live gamertags, emails and birthdays of participating voters. MCV also reports site viewers were able to edit and delete all displayed information, and has provided a screenshot of the alleged page with all listings obscured.

The website for the awards has since been removed, now displaying a message that it is down for maintenance. The reader who pointed out the page told MCV the list contained personal information for 2,892 individuals before it was taken offline.

The Xbox Entertainment Awards recognize popular user-chosen games, movies, music and other content available through Xbox Live. Voting opened yesterday to the public, and all participants will be entered into a drawing for prizes including a limited edition 320 GB Halo 4-themed Xbox 360 console, Kinect peripheral, a one-year membership to Xbox Live Gold and Microsoft Points.

"Upon learning on 19 March 2013 that a number of UK Xbox LIVE subscribers have inadvertently had a limited amount of personal data disclosed online because of an error with our Xbox Entertainment Award voting app, Microsoft took immediate steps to remove the Application from its UK Facebook page," a representative for Microsoft told Polygon.

"We are working closely with affected Xbox Entertainment Awards voters who have been in touch with us to ensure that their Xbox LIVE accounts have not been compromised and will restore the Xbox Entertainment Award voting app to our Facebook page once the issue is resolved," the representative added.

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