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Square Enix's Japanese arcade shooter Gunslinger Stratos will be playable at GDC

Square Enix's arcade shooter Gunslinger Stratos will be playable for the first "and potentially only" time outside of Japan at the 2013 Game Developers Conference next week, middleware company Silicon Studio announced today.

Silicon, which assisted developer Taito in building Gunslinger Stratos and provided middleware for Square Enix's Agni's Philosophy Luminous Engine tech demo, will exclusively host the arcade machine at its company booth in San Francisco's Moscone Center.

Gunslinger Stratos is a multiplayer arcade shooter in which players wield dual pistols, which can also lock together to form one powerful machine gun, to take down enemies. Players can choose from an array of characters to play as in four-on-four fights across several destructible environments. More powerful weapons and upgrades are also available for purchase within the game, use of which will help players rack up higher scores.

The 2013 Game Developers Conference will take place in San Francisco from March 25 to 29. Polygon will be in attendance and providing coverage throughout the week.

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