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Bastion developer Supergiant Games' next title is Transistor, will be playable at PAX

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Supergiant Games, the developer behind popular indie title Bastion, will be bringing its next game Transistor to PAX East next week, the developer announced today in a tweet.

The studio also shared a reveal trailer, posted above, introducing the science fiction action role-playing game's setting and main character. According to a post on the developer's website, the Bastion development team has returned to work on the project, and will be assisted by a "handful" of new staff members brought on since the game's publication.

"We're designing our next game to seamlessly integrate thoughtful strategic planning into a fast-paced action experience, complete with our studio's signature melding of responsive gameplay and rich atmospheric storytelling," reads the post.

Players will step into the shoes of a young woman who is nearly killed by a "mysterious group of assailants" that impart their weapon of choice to her after the attempt. She will fight "from street to street" in a futuristic city against enemies trying to take the weapon back, as well as unravel the mystery behind the weapon and its former owner.

Supergiant Games is currently planning to release Transistor in early 2014 and has not decided what platforms it will be released for. The game will be playable at PAX East at Supergiant Games' both, #892.

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