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Thief will allow players to progress without killing, developer says

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Thief, the next installment in Eidos' stealth franchise, will allow players to complete the game without killing anyone, according to a post by community manager Adam Badke published on the developer's official blog.

Thief's first-person gameplay will stay true to previous installments in the franchise, and protagonist Garrett will have options in the scenarios he faces — including the option to keep enemies alive.

"Each path comes with a set of challenges, encounters and looting opportunities," Badke wrote. "Difficulty options allow the experience to be scaled for hardcore fans of the original series, but to also let newcomers have a lot of fun. And yes, you can complete the game without killing anybody — Garrett is a Master Thief, not a killing machine!"

Eidos Montreal's reboot was revealed earlier this month in a Game Informer cover story. Thief is planned for release in 2014, on platforms including the PlayStation 4.

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