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Humble Bundle launches weekly sale program, kicks off with Bastion

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The Humble Bundle organizers announced the Humble Bundle Weekly Sale today, a weekly installment of the pay-what-you-want rotating deals on indie games.

According to a post on the Humble Mumble blog, new deals will launch every Tuesday and will follow a payment model similar to that of its existing Humble Bundle program. Buyers will be able to decide where their payment goes, to the developer, charities or the Humble Bundle program.

Humble Bundle is offering Supergiant Games' action role-playing game Bastion as its first weekly deal. Buyers can snag DRM-free versions of Bastion for Windows PC, Mac and Linux for as low as $1. Paying more than $1 will net buyers an additional Steam key, and paying more than the average purchase price will add on a digital copy of Bastion's soundtrack, a Bastion Digital Art Pack of previously unreleased artwork, sheet music and Bastion ringtones for iPhones and Android phones.

Buyers who pay more than $25 will also earn physical goods, including a CD copy of the soundtrack, a Bastion-themed bandana and postcards featuring both Bastion and Supergiants Games' recently-announced title, Transistor.

The average price for the Bastion bundle is currently sitting around $2.60. Payments can be given to Supergiant Games, Child's Play Charity or the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organizing working to protect people's rights in the digital realm.

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