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CastleStorm multiplayer trailer features three new modes

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A new trailer for CastleStorm, Zen Studio's 2.5D tower-defense game, offers a first look at the game's three multiplayer modes.

CastleStorm takes place in a medieval world where players defend different castles. In addition to multiplayer, the game includes a main campaign where players can capture enemy flags, destroy castles and complete objectives.

The game will feature two wave-based co-op modes: Survival and Last Stand. In Survival, players either control the ballista or ground forces while fighting off enemies. Last Stand, on the other hand, requires players to tackle enemies with hand-to-hand combat. CastleStorm's competitive mode is a one-versus-one split screen where players attempt to destroy each other's castles. Check out the trailer above to see multiplayer gameplay in action.

CastleStorm will launch for Xbox Live Arcade and Windows 8 in April. The game was first announced last May and scheduled for digital release in summer 2012.

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