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Pro League of Legends players suspended for 'Elo-Boosting'

League of Legends suspends players for Elo-Boosting

A number of professional League of Legends players in North America and Europe are facing suspensions from the game after being found guilty of engaging in Elo-Boosting, according to the League of Legends message board.

Elo-Boosting is an act where an individual plays on someone else's (a 'client') account for the purpose of artificially improving the client's Elo rating (Elo is a system that calculates a player's relative skill level). Elo-Boosting is a violation of the League of Legends rules because it "damages the interests of players of all skill levels because it cheats the internal matchmaking system of League of Legends."

The players who were found to engage in Elo-Boosting have been suspended from the game for 14 days and all their Season Two rewards have been revoked. The suspension serves as a final warning for the players with regards to Elo-Boosting. "Any further infractions will result in a permanent account ban and corresponding penalties, as deemed appropriate by LCS," a senior League of Legends eSports manager wrote on the message board.

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