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The Swapper brings 2D puzzle platforming and clay-based art to Steam this spring

Facepalm Games' side-scrolling puzzle platformer, The Swapper, is bound for Steam this spring, according to the game's latest trailer which offers a new look at its atmosphere and clay-based art style.

The Swapper takes its title from the in-game device of the same name, a mechanism that allows the player to clone its user and transfer consciousness between different bodies as they explore an abandoned research station. The Indie Fund-backed game has been recognized for its gameplay and visuals at events like IndieCade and PAX, and will be featured as part of the Indie Megabooth at PAX East this weekend.

The game's assets have been constructed using clay models and "other everyday materials," according to its creators.

The Swapper is bound for Windows PC and Mac, according to Facepalm Games.

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