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Dota 2 update includes first of many tutorials for new players

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Dota 2's latest update includes the first of a "large set" of features that will introduce new players to the game, the Dota 2 team announced.

First-time players will be able to participate in a tutorial where they play as The Dragon Knight, Davion, a hero with draconic abilities. The post does not detail the tutorial, but experienced players are welcome to explore by selecting it from the Quests tab on the Play screen.

"Dota's a deep game, and there's lots of things to learn, but we felt it was important that the learning was entertaining in itself, so we tried to avoid building a dry tutorial," the post reads. "... This is just the first step, and we felt it was important to ship it so that you could help us figure out the right step."

The update also includes an option to preview chests before unlocking them, item viewing in 3D and creating a custom status on the Rich Presence area.

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