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Kids find new use for Skylanders Giants figures with chess

After learning that the upcoming Skylanders title, Swap Force, will include a new Portal of Power and starter park, Family Gamer TV owner Andy Robertson and his children found a new use for the old sets: modified chess games.

The portal, which normally is used to transfer physical figurines to playable characters in the Skylanders series, now acts as a way to power "safe spots" during play. The game uses old Skylanders figures and several new rules. Winged figures can move two squares in a straight line. Shoot figures can take out pieces in their line of sight. Bomb figures can eliminate any pieces around them within a two-square radius. When a character stands in a portal hot spot and lights up, it cannot be taken.

The video, which you can watch above, outlines the rules and provides a look at how the game plays. Skylanders Swap Force was announced in February and will include new figures that split at the waist. Check out our in-depth coverage here.

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